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LCRFS has a roughly 21 feet by 21 feet block building that is dedicated to an SCBA Maze.  Each section of the maze is designed to challenge the students at their skill level.  Instructors can easily reconfigure the maze so students get a different route through the maze each time.  Access points allow instructors to assist students that might panic or have medical emergency.  The SCBA Maze is great way for departments to maintain their firefighters SCBA skills


Usage fees: $200 for 4 hours; $400 for 8 hours. Fees include 1 instructors. Additional instructors are available at an hourly rate of $40/instructor.  If you would like a classroom session at your fire station on an evening prior to utilizing the maze, then we can provide that at our current instructor hourly rate of $40.

Check the calendar below for available dates, then complete and submit the reservation form.  You will receive email confirmation and be mailed an invoice. 

Request SCBA Maze

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